Exmoor Zoo

We had an amazing time with Stephen from Exmoor zoo. He bought lots of animals and talked to us about how they use their senses.
First we saw a royal python called Ebeneezer the squeezer. We were allowed to stroke him gently he was smooth. Snakes do not have ears they feel vibrations. They smell and taste with their long tongues.

Next he showed us a praying mantis. It was bright green, it looked like a leaf so it would be camouflaged on a bush. A praying mantis has very big eyes at the side of its face and it listens through its tummy!

Then we saw some tiny mice, they were called one, two, three and four! We stroked their fur they were soft. Mice use their whiskers to feel how big things are.

Finally, Stephen showed us a meerkat called Rascal. Rascal is five years old. He was quite noisy because he wanted to eat the bits of chicken. He had very sharp teeth and claws so we were not allowed to touch him. Stephen says he is very naughty!


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