Science Show

We had a surprise science show today!  It was amazing.

Caroline from the Royal Institute in London told us all about energy and did some experiments.

We found out about different types of energy :

gravitational- by dropping an egg

elastic – we blew up balloons till they popped

nuclear- we found out a banana is radioactive

thermal – we saw a big ball of flames

electrostatic – we used a Van de Graff generator for a electric shock

kinetic- she used a disc cutter which gave off sparks and heat when it moved really fast

magnetic – we had a tug of war with 2 magnets

chemical – we made bubbles blow up into flames

What was your favourite experiment?





Spaceship mystery

We had an exciting morning on Monday.  We watched some video of a spaceship crashing by forest school and went up there to investigate.  There was yellow caution tape by the gardens we went in carefully.

On the ground we found some strange objects like a compass, a periscope, a keyboard. Then we spotted what looked like a spaceship behind the shed. There was space dust on the floor and yellow goo everywhere.

We went in the polytunnel and found a little alien hiding. She has 3 eyes and very long ears. We have brought her back to class to look after her.



We finished our firework topic by writing some super firework poems using adjectives.

We used gel pens and glitter to decorate our onomatopoeia pictures.

We created moving firework pictures, each one had a slider and a wheel that turned.


fireworks moving pictures 001fireworks moving pictures 003fireworks moving pictures 004fireworks moving pictures 005fireworks moving pictures 006fireworks moving pictures 007fireworks moving pictures 008


Chocolate sparklers

We have been learning about Bonfire Night.

We have talked about why we remember Guy Fawkes.

We have made posters about how to stay safe with fireworks.

We have thought of onomatopoeia words for fireworks – these are words that sound like a noise – bang, whoosh. What other ones can you remember?

On Monday we followed instructions to make chocolate sparklers. Can you remember what we had to do? They were delicious.



Recycling Workshop

In science we have been learning about materials. Sally from Recycle Devon visited our classes to talk about the properties of materials and help us work out which we can recycle.

We found out that some things cannot be recycled and go to landfill sites or to the Energy from Waste centre.

Sally had a ‘rubbish’ feely bag of objects for us to sort. We needed to decide whether the items should be put in the bin, recycled or reused.

Although both these objects are made of metal one was magnetic and the other was not. This helped us decide which recycling bin they needed to go into.

We made magnetic posters to take home to remind our families how to sort our own rubbish.


Collecting Apples

We walked around the school looking for apples.
There were lots that had fallen onto the ground so we collected as many as we could carry.

We picked some apples if we could reach them.

Then we found a whopper!
replace 2
In fact it was gigantic!
Back in class we tried the different varieties. They were juicy, crunchy and delicious.



We have been learning about Princess Katherine who lived in Tiverton Castle 500 years ago. She might have watched the knights jousting in Hit or Miss Alley (the alley way by Castle Place dentists).
We tried jousting in the playground. We galloped towards the target on our horse holding a long lance. It was harder than it looked!